Liz Carson Rosas
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 271

A sequel to the popular "August Freedom," "My Name Is Freedom" continues the saga of Seraphine and her family in the post-emancipation era of St. Croix's historical events.About the book:The Robinsons and Frasers of St. Croix have issues that go back generations - long before the emancipation of the slaves. Animosity, resentment and rivalries that go back decades.The once flourishing sugar cane plantations of the Danish West Indies have dwindled to a shadow of their former glory with the loss of free slave labor and the introduction of the sugar beet in Europe. The freeing of the slaves didn’t bring them the respect and equality they dreamed of, nor erase the stigma of being considered lesser class citizens for generations.And now, along with the flagging economy and inescapable hardships brought on by Mother Nature, the generations of Robinsons and Frasers also wrestle with the sins ...
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