John Di Lemme
ASIN: B003ZK558Y
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 68

The '177' Motivational Success Quotes to Live a Championship Life Book is Jam Packed with a Boatload of Power Packed Fear Demolishing Wisdom to fire you each day to be Fully Motivated each and every day to take action and live Your Dreams... John Di Lemme's students Absolutely Love the '177' Quotes... "I find the quotes very motivational to keep me on track with my goals, and they give me quick inspiring thoughts to keep me reaching for those goals." - Dr. Benny McDaniel, Tennessee I read the Quote Book all the time .It helps me to demolish procrastination, annihilate fear, and gives me fuel to take action. It empowers the Champion in ME!” – Angelina Buckley, Florida“The '177' Success Quotes in this book are seeds that I deposit every day in my life. They are like oxygen to my soul. When I do not read them I deprive myself of oxygen and my dream suffocates. I commit to read them ...
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