Christopher Divver
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 140

A single glass of whiskey was all it took for Mark Willis to fall back into the hellish pit of alcoholism and the dark, foreboding nightmare that became his life after his girlfriend, Monica, was murdered. She walked down the long hard road of recovery and found her salvation in the hearts and minds of those afflicted as she had once been and where she met Mark and guided him to sobriety, loving him and then trusting him enough to divulge the terrible secrets of her family’s past. But that all ended on a crisp autumn morning in a familiar place with an old friend in his hand. Audra Schaeffer, a wealthy, powerful pharmaceutical executive is Monica’s half-sister who harbors a secret of abuse, a secret that only she, her father and now Mark know. A secret so devastating that if revealed would ruin her and her father, Senator Robert Schaeffer, and the dozen or so participants in the brutal ...
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