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Pages: 238

Black Butterfly 2: Eboni MachiavelliEboni is back! Based on a true story, Black Butterfly 2 picks up where part one left off… with Baltimore’s baddest chick still trying to prove her innocence. However, this time she only has seven days to do it! After faking her death to avoid prosecution, Eboni goes into hiding with the assistance of her longtime friend. However… federal agents, abusive men, and old enemies are the least of her problems when she is ultimately confronted by her sadistic ex-husband for the custody of her son! The stakes grow higher when Eboni finds out that her son is beginning to go down the wrong path because of all the drama her life has subjected him to. If money is the root of all evil then it’s definitely the chief reason Eboni is quickly losing everything. Can she clear her name before the federal agents find out that she’s really not dead? Will Eboni ...
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