Laura Hesse
ASIN: B0042P52PW
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 150

“Someone loved you once. They aren’t here anymore, but I am.” One Frosty ChristmasA lonely handicapped girl…A neglected frostbitten mustang…A Metis boy, born of two worlds, but comfortable in none…A town without hope…And a pact of friendship that will change everyone’s lives forever.A heartwarming hanky-waving Hallmark style of story about love, friendship, and belief in the power of Christmas. This is the first book in The Holiday Series and the first book in The River Bend Trilogy including The Great Pumpkin Ride and A Filly Called Easter.Read it now! Available in print, e-book and audio book for your listening pleasure.Here’s what people are saying about One Frosty Christmas:“Horse tale tugs at heart strings. It’s a charming well-written story that every horse lover will adore!” Goody Niosi, The Star.“The story is strong, the prayers are tender.” ...
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