John Chapman
Publisher: JayDax
Pages: 494

You fear pandemics? What if the elixir of eternal life turns out to be a virus that grants you immortality?The earth needs immortal humans--It's the only way to save all life from an apocalypse which no survivalist can prepare for. Immortality is an essential part of the plan to avoid this ultimate disaster. Book one of the series tells how three genetic engineers came to develop a cure for death - the Immortality Gene.Of course there's more to immortality than a simple medical mystery. In the story you'll find romance, the mystery of a secret organisation ruling the world, high technology, greed, power struggles, hidden places and murder. It follows the fortunes of a genetic engineer who flees a dying maniac trying to kill her. Book 2 in the series is 'Dark Secrets' The SeriesImmortality Gene sets the scene for an extended series of books which might be ...
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