Bill Albert
ASIN: B00492CJM2
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 482

FIRST IN THE FOUR BOOK STARPOINT MOUNTAIN SERIESTHIRD EDITION - NEW 2020 Since the last Dragon War the true history of Starpoint Mountain has been lost. So high that no one has ever reached its peak, or at least lived long enough to tell anyone, many theories and guesses have been made about its secrets. Soon, a young girl graduating from a hidden school will begin investigating rumors of a possible rebellion against the benevolent Giant Lords. She will fight skeleton warriors, befriend noble dwarves, and defend her life against the wicked aquilus elves as she follows a trail that will lead her from the forest to the northern ice fields and to the dark heart of the mountain itself. There she will face the truth about everything she believes in.This adventure continues in:THE SHADOWS OF STARPOINT MOUNTAINTHE GHOSTS OF STARPOINT MOUNTAINTHE FIRES OF STARPOINT MOUNTAIN
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