John McFetridge
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 101

Imagine the worst day of your life. Now imagine that day in an airport. The eight authors of bring together eight stories of murder and mayhem in these linked stories -- tied together by a single, horrible visit to the airport.From the grandfather in Joelle Charbonneau's SKATING AROUND THE LAW to a team of thugs from Jay Stringer, the stories here show what happens when all hell breaks loose on the concourse.In addition to Charbonneau and Stringer, the collection boasts stories from John McFetridge (LET IT RIDE, DIRTY SWEET), Dave White (WHEN ONE MAN DIES, THE EVIL THAT MEN DO), Russel D. McLean (THE LOST SISTER, THE GOOD SON), Byron Quertermous (A LOAD OF QUERTERMOUS), Scott D. Parker (ROUND ONE), and Steve Weddle (NEEDLE Magazine).From the introduction by Jason Pinter:"Each member of DSD brings their own voice and perspective to this captivating story, the rush of ...
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