Patricia McLinn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 256

"Great romance!" ­Which is your favorite Patricia McLinn book and why? ­ "RODEO NIGHTS, hands down. Cowboys-rodeo-Wyoming! Reunion love ... Wonderful characters. I loved everything about this story." - Mona Montana, Reader Hall of FameTime hasn't dimmed their bone-deep passion . . .Ten years ago, Kalli left her rodeo bull-rider husband, Walker Riley, unable to bear her terrible fear for him. Or the fear that she might love him too much.But passion wasn't enough to overcome fear a decade ago . . . Walker faces down charging bulls every day, but working with Kalli for a summer as they try to save the Wyoming rodeo that means so much to their beloved mutual mentor, just might break him.Can the present carry them past the fears and broken trust ... to a future together again?~ ~ ~ ~Patricia says: Rodeo Nights is a favorite of long-time readers. It also holds a special place for me, since ...
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