Olivia Diamond
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 444

This is the follow-on novel to Voice of Stone, first in the historical trilogy, which covered Inca society immediately before the advent of the Spanish. The story of Beatriz’s fight for survival parallels the struggle of Inca culture to survive under Spanish domination. Both will endure like the silent stone used to build the fortress Sacsahuaman. Simultaneous with Beatriz’s rise in social standing is her growing sense of the mysteries of religious belief, both her accreted Christianity as a Morisca but also a sense of the syncretism of Catholicism and Inca cosmology in the belief system of the converted Indians. Nighthawk the stonecutter, Paullu Inca the puppet monarch and Don Martin the Hispanicized translator represent this process. Beatriz is one of two camp followers in Francisco Pizarro’s army. The Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire is told through her eyes. In the ...
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