Gerald Vincent
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 210

GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON (Ocean's Eleven, Logan's Run) is featured in DRASTIC MEASURES anthology of short fiction, volume I, to help spin tales of where the human mind goes when its cornered.New discovery MELISSA LYONS is the most powerful new voice in suspense since Dean Koontz with her story, "Snow." “There was a definite bulge in the area he’d pointed to and, the girl pondered, if it were really a knife, it was a large one. She pulled on the door handle only to realize it was locked and she jiggled it as nonchalantly as possible, but was too afraid to make any other move, fearing more than that would provoke an attack. As if he were a hungry animal in the woods and she a helpless mouse that had stumbled unluckily across his path. She didn’t want to make any sudden moves. So the girl concentrated on breathing, steadying her pulse, which had become rapid, and focusing on the signs ...
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