Patrick Michael Murphy
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 339

Kera and Rand, wife and husband, torn apart by different desires. She can no longer take the lonely, concrete city life where he works to see his dreams come true. The least of what she needs -- never-mind the country with its fresh air and quietude -- is for her children to feel the love of their absentee father. As Kera determines to bring her family and marriage together again, everything changes overnight. Countrywide tensions boil over, and these two young, willful souls are catapulted into a cross-country rescue mission that turns into a survival expedition on foot and horseback. As these estranged lovers forge their way across a once beautiful but now treacherous landscape they must learn a new way of thinking and living, and use every skill born into them to last and save their children.Strong female and male leads. A fast read, yet epic in scope. 132,430 words; 340 6x9 pages in ...
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