G William Molt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 360

A Ghost Story that is wrapped in a Mystery within an Adventure:Be prepared to be scared!In The Illumination of Natalia by G. William Molt, a ghost story unfolds against the backdrop of a mystery where a huge fortune is up for grabs. Gorgeous clairvoyant Natalia is not just the great granddaughter of the Russian mystic Rasputin; she is also the victim of a deceptive international marriage arrangement perpetrated by the evil and dangerous Parker. Ruthless and greedy, Parker begins to eliminate anyone who stands in the way of his securing control of a hereditary fortune. In addition her marriage has made her an unwitting heir and target of a shadowy organization that lurks in the background, vying for control of the family fortune as well. But Parker and this group are not the only evil. Natalia’s cousin had previously stirred up an unholy presence in their homeland that now seems to ...
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