Mirella Sichirollo Patzer
Publisher: History and Women Press
Pages: 482

An early 18th century tale of corruption, wicked intentions, murder, obsessive love, undisclosed secrets, unstoppable destinies, and a woman whose secret will either destroy or restore lives. Richard is an overlord known for his cold manner, remarkable ambition, and debauched lifestyle. When he encounters a beautiful young woman named Emilie on the eve of her wedding to Robert. He becomes obsessed, determined to possess her, no matter the cost, even murder. As Emilie and Robert are forced to flee for their lives, a devastating chain of events threatens to forever change their lives. Captivating, haunting, and divinely suspenseful, The Betrothal is an unforgettable novel about retribution and atonement, love and obsession, betrayal and truth.
Amazon Rating:
4 stars from 38 ratings
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4.5 stars from 1 rating