Patrick Donnell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 138

Meet Jeremy Worth, a man suffering the tribulations that life can throw at a person. He has been released by a disloyal company, is on the verge of financial destitution, spiritually exhausted and emotionally spent. He had forgotten how he got this way and how to find his way back.An unusual call about a mystery inheritance sets him on a journey that changes him and his life forever. Assigned to write the eulogy for a stranger places Jeremy on a path to those who knew and influenced this mystery man's success the most.The eulogy completion opens an opportunity for Jeremy Worth to transcend the previous shortfalls in his life and begin a real journey toward the future with renewed vigor, spirit, strength, emotional brilliance and financial opportunity.Come along and join in this journey of a lifetime. Walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before. Experience the wisdom and ...
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