Dana Landers
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 25

Note: This book was previously published with a different cover and author name. Please check the look inside feature before buying to avoid a duplicate purchase. Thank you.Doesn't Your Dog Deserve the Best?????Would you like to feed your dog a homemade diet but aren’t sure where to start? This homemade dog food cookbook from the founder of Tucker O Riley’s Dog Bakery gives you all the information you need to start cooking homemade dog food today. This well researched book features homemade dog food recipes that are easy to make, nutritionally sound, economical and made from ingredients you can buy at the grocery store. As an added bonus, a mini homemade dog treats cookbook section is included. No furry friend will be able to resist these crunchy morsels full of TLC and baked with your very own hands.Don’t hesitate any longer. You owe it to your beloved companion to start making ...
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