George Goehl
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: N/A

This is a beginner’s guide to brazing metal sculpture with over 80 illustrations. It begins with the equipment you’ll need, setting up your equipment, lighting the torch and on to brazing. Here the emphasis is on brazing steel to steel in the range of 1/16th” to 3/16th” thickness. In this 2nd edition there are links to over 20 YouTube videos that are illustrative example that go along with specific topics. With a little practice you can begin building your own sculptures using brazing as the joining process. I’ve taught many people to braze so I’m well aware of the questions you may have. Along the way I’ll add some TIPS that will speed you on your way. Sit back, relax and begin imagining all the amazing metal sculptures that you can create through brazing. Table of Contents Introduction The Equipment The Oxygen Acetylene Torch Outfit Oxygen Acetylene Cylinders Brazing ...
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