Regan Moore
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 216

Imagine, for a pure second, that you don’t remember who you are.  Now add that to the fact that you have physical capabilities that are not actually physically possible. Mix in a government conspiracy theory and an impossibly complicated romance, and you get The Allison Charger Files.  After waking-up in a hospital bedroom with amnesia, Allison Charger is told by doctors that, after an accident and lifesaving surgery, her ears can hear sounds from miles away, her legs can run faster than a sports car, and a tiny sensor in her brain can detect lies. The catch? She has to go to a school for other “Bionic” kids, where they not only learn algebra, but how to kick a criminal’s butt. Over time, Allison begins to see the dark side of the school, and through a traumatic circumstance, suddenly remembers who she is and how she was made Bionic. With no adults to trust, Allison and her ...
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