Kathy Stock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 122

Moms of Toddlers Devotions To Go is a real, emotional, fun and uplifting journey that reveals the evidence of God’s love through one mom’s experiences with a crazy little toddler named Caden. It is a 30 day collection of stories and lessons learned through living life toddler style. Some of these lessons come by means of a still, small voice. Others come the hard way through sweat and tears. Regardless, God is always there.Moms of Toddlers Devotions To Go reveals truths about God learned through encounters with a little one. This book provides a breath of fresh air and a sneak peek into someone else’s life, a life that probably looks a lot like yours. Kathy Stock’s passion for ministry, God and people, collide in her writings as she attempts to make you laugh, cry and uplift your spirit with funny stories, touching memories and truths of God’s word. Kathy is a wife, mother ...
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