Angel Williams
Publisher: Star City Publications
Pages: 242

Meet Raven, a young light skinned honey dip from Baltimore City. Her mother Ellen becomes a junkie by messing with the wrong man and her bad habits caused them to lose their house and their family, and for Raven, her mind. Raven assumed life hated her and the only person she had was her best friend, Jodi, that was until she met Killa. Who couldn't of came at a more perfect time in her life. They shared what people may call a "fairy tale" relationship. Raven is now living the life she thinks she deserves. But all that glitter's ain't gold, tragedy hits home hard, and with no one to turn to Raven develops a craving that she can't seem to kick. Will Raven be able to kick her craving? Or will her cravings stop her from kicking? LITERALLY!
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