J Gordon Smith
ASIN: B004VT3K58
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 242

“No!” Maurius cried hoarsely as Dorran’s body crumpled to the bloody ground. The lieutenant spun on the crunching gravel path and, with a grin of triumph, ran toward Maurius – intent upon another kill – The wizard Maurius seeks a mysterious staff named the Gnarled Burner, blamed for the demise of the inquisitive Snowy Elves a thousand years ago. What begins as a leisurely academic quest into the snow and ice covered Northern Mountains quickly turns into a sprint through the arctic cold to find the staff before it falls into evil hands. Can Maurius avoid the Rubied Assassins that attack him wherever he goes? Will he prevail against mythic creatures that eerily haunt him behind every ice covered rock? What ancient evil awoke bringing war to the land with the vengeance of old dragons? And what dangerous Destiny lurks in the Diamond he carries, has always carried, yet does not ...
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