Ela Lond
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 211

A (68.000 words long) paranormal adventure with romance elements.After Tina crosses paths with Damon Blackdart, she discovers that her soul houses another, dormant soul, Trinity, Damon's Beloved, who died centuries ago.Damon tries to draw Trinity forward and when he succeeds, Tina befriends her and learns that Damon is part of the Lueeshareteers (Bloodeaters), powerful creatures old as time itself, whose three clans live in seeming peace and rule the world from shadows. After she is swept from Damon's grasp by the Dumes, Trinity's children, she also learns that vampires are not at the top of the food chain.Excerpt:Damon went up the stairs and stopped three stairs beneath her. "You better get back to your room and put on some slippers. You are going to get a cold running around barefoot."Was he joking or being serious? Not that Tina cared. The only thing she cared about was getting out ...
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