Tony Rosa
ASIN: B004W82LL2
Publisher: Jackpot Press
Pages: 143

Fourteen-year-old Sam Parma plays more baseball than golf, so when his mother urges him to play in a junior golf tournament, he protests but reluctantly agrees. Learning that his uncle was a two time winner of the Schoolboy Championship, Sam feels pressure to perform as well as excitement for potential success.Dropped off at the municipal golf course with a hodgepodge set of clubs, limited skills, and the added responsibility to look after his younger brother, Sam ventures to the sign-up table. There he meets his three playing partners: a well-equipped rich kid, a profanity-spraying cheater, and an oversized neighborhood bully. Getting to the first tee is the easy part for Sam. Making it past unexpected obstacles, squaring off in conflict, and conquering his fears are only some of the challenges he faces on the course.Sam makes lasting memories and learns a number of lessons about ...
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