James W. Nelson
Publisher: James W. Nelson
Pages: 238

In 2021 many more nations than the superpowers have nuclear weapons and dependable delivery systems, but don't expect ships and bombers. Viewpoint in this novel is strictly from the civilian.New cover, no more confusion; it's not about Christmas.Kirby Yates, 40, is groundskeeper at the new underground Energy-Museum at Hammett’s Mill, ND, pop. 240. He’s also in charge of security of the attached, secret, bomb shelter. It’s a story of a man struggling to find love as much as his struggle to accept the reality of nuclear war.One of three 5-star reviewsBuy! -- an unusual, introspective take on the apocalyptic / post-apocalyptic tale, May 5, 2012 By Kurt Stallings-- Author, Law... (Fort Worth, TexasKirby Yates lives in a part of the country where there are almost as many nuclear missiles as there are people. The small little town he calls home is filled with lonely people making their way ...
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