James W. Nelson
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 258

Pharmacological Research Gone Berserk (Needed: Volunteers)"A medical mystery"A test of will power, a romance, some humor, a little sex & a little violence.While going to the bathroom in the dead of night, Shea McTory witnesses a gurney disappearing into a darkened elevator. Was one of the volunteers lying on it? Is something going on in secret? Something maybe illegal? Maybe even dangerous? Standing at his partly-opened, private door, after rubbing both sleep-starved eyes, he sees the night nurse back on her station and everything is quiet again. So, did he see something suspicious, or not? Was he maybe even hallucinating? He has no idea, but what he "thinks" he saw will bother him all night, and later challenge and antagonize him. The conditions he's living under will prevent any open investigation...any wrong move could even get him kicked out.Where he's living could be compared to a ...
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