James W. Nelson
Publisher: James W. Nelson
Pages: 150

In these stories stuff just happens.  There is no scientific justification for anything, and there doesn’t need to be.  Look at your own life: Doesn’t stuff just happen, all the time?  Like what happened to my homework?  I know the dog didn’t really eat it. Or where’s the remote? Or how did I get here…and where is here? Who am I? You know what I mean, but, of course, stuff that happens in these stories is a little more serious than a lost remote. The late-nineteen-fifties and early-sixties television series, Rod Serling’s THE TWILIGHT ZONE, in my opinion, was filled with stories of events that just happened.  When that show began I was ten years old.  I would glue myself to the screen, and Rod Serling himself was one of my early heroes, and still is.  According to the 1996 Oxford Dictionary, the “twilight zone” refers to “…any physical or conceptual area that is undefined or ...
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