Karol Bojnowski
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 289

Zane Baran just dropped out of medical school in San Francisco. When he's handed his dead father’s unfinished manuscript, he's lured to Nepal where his life unravels to a thin line of inevitable truths. Maybe the dystopian future we fear isn’t thrust upon us by a cataclysmic event; maybe it’s already here.... “A rare novel about what is real and true and urgent about LIFE now.” “A page turning adventure.” “Edgy, wise, entertaining.” - S. Armstrong, Clinical Psychologist, Reviewer “This deeper look into anger, fear, resentment, lust, love, elation will make us question the foundations we have chosen to build our lives upon.”“Concise use of words, yet descriptive and vivid.” “Luxuriates in descriptive settings, while brilliantly presenting characters through realistic dialogue and actions.” “We feel and encounter the settings.” “It is wonderful! ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 7 ratings
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Not yet rated
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