Frank Altobelli
ASIN: B004Y659S4
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Pages: 378

She would have given anything to be like the other Volsung girls; tall and fair. Her nickname, “Mouse” said it all. She was small and dark-haired, but the name did not tell of the scar on her cheek that seemed to disqualify her as a bride. Nor did it hint she was the best archer in the valley, and the only one not afraid to enter the dread Holberth Forest, haunt of shades and the demon, Az-Aziel. Mouse never told how she once saw the demon or that the trees spoke to her. For these things matter little; she was a girl. Courage and weapon skill did not figure in a man’s choice of a wife. Certainly not in the case of Brandt, the Headman’s handsome son and the boy she saw in her dreams.Her chance comes, when Brandt unexpectedly asks her to take him hunting in the Holbreth. But the day does not end as she hoped, or expected. Mouse becomes caught up in the perilous events of the wide ...
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