Candace Carrabus
Publisher: Witting Woman Works
Pages: 85

To Stephanie O’Hanlon, 40-something workaholic, a blank to-do list is crazy-making. When she gets laid off and rescues a huge, smiling dog from a shelter—a dog her friend insists is inhabited by Steph’s lover from a former life—she discovers the true meaning of crazy.Gabe Fagen, handyman and crazy-in-love with Stephanie since they were teenagers, sees Steph losing her job as the chance he’s been waiting for. But will she notice he’s alive with a mysterious giant dog acting as her guardian angel? This novella is about 20,000 words and includes an excerpt of the fantasy novel, Raver, available now from Candace Carrabus.A portion of net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to animal shelters.
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