Mary Lou Cheatham
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 22

"I'm choking."What does that mean? It could mean you've cried so hard that it's impossible to swallow. There's a choking feeling in your throat and chest. You know the feeling. If you have a choking sensation, it may be time to call 9-1-1 to make sure you are not having a heart attack. It is no coincidence that we have expressions such as "died of a broken heart" and "heartbroken." Sometimes these expressions are literal, not figurative. "But life moves on along the path of grief."No matter how much you may want to turn back time -- or perhaps you just want all the sadness to go away long enough for you to recover a few minutes or for a night of dream-free sleep -- life moves on. Time rushes on. Life moves on along relentlessly along the path of grief. The process of grieving is like walking through a murky swamp. In this e-book I want to talk with you about the way it feels. There's no ...
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