Dr. Steven Stiles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 252

Over 40,000 copies of this Inspirational Kindle book now in circulation with all proceeds going to charity“The miraculous providences documented in this book really occurred.” – Steve Gregg, Christian Author, host of the Narrow Path “Gripping…A one of a kind adventure sure to capture your heart.” Larry Holser, Conference Speaker “Incredible. Fascinating read.” – Esther Wei, Editor-in-Chief, World Christian Fellowship “…you do not enjoy putting this book down…” – Jan Mennite, Christian Writer God can do anything He wants, anywhere He wants, anytime He wants, and in any way He wants. Sometimes He lets us see. All of us have experienced coincidences, and perhaps we’ve encountered the truly unexplainable. But have we seen a genuine miracle? What does the Bible tell us about such events? Journey offers a unique look at miracles, and the reader must decide for ...
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4.5 stars from 115 ratings
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