Valerie Buttler
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 172

Young, divorced and anxious to please, Sylvia Johnson returns to the family home north of Boston to mend a damaged relationship with her eccentric mother, Gertrude. Her brother Blake and sister Lily are there with her as they make preparations for their mother's operation. When Gertrude is taken from the hospital, not to her beloved home as expected but to a nursing home, Sylvia gets the chance to prove she's a worthy daughter. Blake has stepped in and taken control of their mother's life. Lily takes his side and Sylvia begins the fight to get her mother home. When she learns of a secret that her mother has kept from her, Sylvia is torn between fighting for her mother and fighting for herself. She'd better decide soon, because there's only one thing left for Blake to control and Sylvia is about to find out what that is.
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