Bill Ellingsen
ASIN: B0050W99Z0
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 420

A six-year-old boy is abducted by his mother’s outlaw biker boyfriend, who’s after her access and alarm codes to a warehouse full of expensive merchandise. Through underworld connections, he has trucks ready to haul everything away and a buyer lined up to take it off their hands. But the kid’s mother knows the chances of getting her son back alive are slim, so she calls the man she swore never to talk to again, Jake Olson. He was an outlaw biker, so she figures he stands a better chance of saving their son from a biker gang than the authorities do. Jake, now a Montana horse rancher and family man, reaches out to his old BoonieRats Motorcycle Club brothers to rescue the son he never knew he had, only to get caught-up in a Mob war. Third stand-alone novel in the series.
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