J.G. McKenney
Publisher: J.G. McKenney
Pages: 318

"Its ties to Nature, the depth of the story line, and the wonderfully written characters, all mesh together to create something that is wholly immersive and enchanting." HopelessBibliophile.comAfter the death of his father, twelve-year-old Bobby Wright escapes from his troubles in the pages of a fantasy novel. He longs for adventure but knows that in real life there is no such thing as magic, and no worlds to save. That changes when he answers a wild-looking boy's plea for help.The boy has come from an alternate world, having passed through Eon's Door, an ancient tree portal. His home is in peril, and he needs Bobby's help to save it. Their dangerous mission will take them into a land of magic, awesome creatures, and a powerful villain determined to destroy them. Join the ultimate battle between good and evil--on the other side of Eon's Door. ****A READER VIEWS REVIEWERS CHOICE AWARD ...
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4.5 stars from 15 ratings
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