Linda Hall
ASIN: B00522V6KO
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 201

November Veil - Book Two of the Mountie Series - Two murders, puppet pranks, stolen holy water - what next? Were these just coincidences? Or were the 'bad' things happening in 'good' Chester part of a larger scheme? The homicide of Rev. Dr. Sterling Jonas, televangelist and founder of Disciples of Grace Church has stretched Corporal Roger Sheppard and the small town detachment of the RCMP to the limit. Was Jonas's death the result of a church power struggle, the work of a disgruntled disciple or simply a random act of violence?Relentless media attention on the investigation and questions about Jonas's strange theology deter Roger's enthusiasm for his upcoming promotion to sergeant. Fatigue makes it hard to even concentrate on other cases, including the peculiar harassment of school principal Mary Jones. As Roger looks for a motive and Jonas's murderer, he uncovered the subtle domination ...
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