R.K. Raker
ASIN: B0053420V0
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Pages: 194

A life is created by a series of events, mostly small and a few significant. They may not seem notable at the time, but when you have a chance to look back and remember, each one does seem quite remarkable. I am at such a time, a time for looking back. I've got nowhere to go except where my mind and memories can take me. I'm writing my stories now so that I'm able to relive as much as I can while I still can. This is not a biography about living with ALS. It is a series of reflections, thoughts, and embellished memories based on the first 25 years of my life. Writing and remembering is a gift I am giving myself, and others who accept it, at a time when I mostly take and the opportunities for giving are few. Writing gives me something to think about, something to do each day, so I don't dwell on the frozen and decaying state of my body. My intent is to tell the story, however blurred and ...
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