Percival Constantine
ASIN: B0053QY458
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 156

A mystery older than time!There is a hidden world beneath the one you know, one in which all the stories from mythology are true. Elisa Hill is the latest in a long line of myth hunters, adventurers who travel the world seeking out the truth behind the legend. But the mystery of ancient Lemuria has eluded her and her family for decades.Until now.New evidence has finally given Elisa the opportunity to uncover the secret her parents went to their graves pursuing. But standing in her way is a secret society that wants Lemuria's secrets for a far darker purpose. Their chief operative is a man who knows Elisa better than anyone—her former partner.The tension builds and soon, Elisa will have to make a decision—is her quest worth the risk of these secrets falling into the wrong hands?
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