Alan James Keogh
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 252

Whispers in the Shadows is a collection of short stories from the blog AlanJamesKeogh.wordpress.comIt enables readers to download and read the stories at their leisure and on the go.This eBook contains twenty short stories, Including:They Live, what are the mysterious holes that have begun to appear in a mans calf, why does he forget them when he looks away and just what is causing them?A Night of Wonder and Enchantment, A show has rolled into town, one which contains acts you will never forget, that is, if you are able to leave.The Fabled One Hundred, in a futuristic world, criminals can fight for their freedom. The only requirement is that they win one hundred battles to the death. as one man comes close he reflects on the reasons he has been imprisoned, his decision to fight and his plans once he is free, but the final fight will not be as easy as he expects.Thank you for downloading ...
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