Mark Cowan
ASIN: B005456NMK
Publisher: MFCPubs
Pages: 147

Far from the massive crowds is a journey which traces the fortunes of Guisborough Town Football Club in the STL Northern League Division 2 as they strive for promotion. The season has more twists and turns than Johan Cruyff as the reader is taken on a North Eastern journey which chronicles not only football in the area, but also the historical and social backgrounds to places which have made them what they are today. Far from the Premiership and far from predictable, this is grassroots football at its best.Praise for Far from the massive crowds"Cowan casts STL Northern League Division Two in a social context, examining the towns and villages that host Northern League games and their history, giving the reader a real insight. A great idea.." (When Saturday Comes, May 2013)“Hugely entertaining” (Northern Echo)“This is a damned sight more engaging than many a football book that will muscle ...
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