Alicia Hart
ASIN: B00548AL98
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 246

Brains, Trains & Video Games: Living The Autism Life details the emotional, humorous and often profoundly insightful journey of an everyday family raising a child with autism. This is a book about life with Ewan—the center of one family's universe and the gravity that holds them together. Far from being the stressor that causes this family to disintegrate, autism has made this family what it is today. A family that laughs more than it cries, and a family that eagerly awaits for the next Ewanism to spring forth from the lips of this solar system’s sun. Over the years we have built a bridge between his world and ours, his brain and ours, and his perspective and ours. Join us on the journey we’ve taken to help create a world of possibility for our son—a world filled with words, thoughts, ideas, and love. Alicia Hart, author of Brains, Trains & Video Games, is a wife, mother and ...
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