Joel Cobbs
ASIN: B0054E2316
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 344

After a bitter fight with his mother, Rob Thompson gets a phone call. In one moment, Rob goes from a young man finding his way in the world to a motherless adult trying to figure out where it all went wrong. The only comfort Rob can find is in the blades of his razor.Rob begins therapy with Dr. O'Nassis, a doctor recommended to him by a family friend. Despite the sessions, Rob continues to turn a blind eye towards the strange sense of guilt he feels. He drives by his mother's grave but cannot stop. He goes to work, returns home and feels like he is detached from everything around him.When Rob and his dad go on a road trip, Rob learns the truth about how his mother ended up in the car accident. The blade he considers a friend begins cutting too deep.In a story that echoes ORDINARY PEOPLE and THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, YOU FOUND ME deals with depression, anger, self-mutilation and ...
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