Jim F. Kukral
ASIN: B0055P93SA
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 40

Names matter, especially domain names. The right name can make or break your business or brand. Do you know the secret formula to discovering and coming up with awesome domain names? The $7.95 Marketing Plan will show you how to come up with mind-blowing, memorable names that people will NOT forget. This book has been read by hundreds of thousands of people and is your guidebook to success. "Stop! Don't buy a domain name until you read this book first."From the Author...I’ve always been fascinated and entertained by fun, memorable domains names. Well, not just the domains, but the actual businesses and the ROI behind them as well. If a domain name is used well together with a creative idea, you can create a killer marketing campaign that can skyrocket your sales, leads and publicity for your business or brand.And that my dear reader is the entire short premise of this book.It’s ...
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