Ricky Sides
ASIN: B0056QJJ14
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 285

It started in Mexico when a man found a silver metal briefcase on a beach. Thinking he’d found drugs being smuggled into the country, the man who found the vial of fluid inside the insulated attaché case threw it down and broke it in disgust. He didn’t notice the droplets of fluid that landed on his sandaled feet. That man carried the cartel’s plague back to his village where the latest strain of the flu was running rampant. The plague mutated, joining with the flu, thus becoming airborne. It had now become the deadliest plague the world had ever faced. Soon, a flood of refugees headed north to escape the onslaught of the plague. They carried it with them into the Border States of America. The peacekeepers face their greatest challenge to date as they race to save the human race from what is nothing short of The New Apocalypse.
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