Norm Cowie
ASIN: B00572N0W6
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 243

What was it like before NFL football? Before Reality TV? Before cake?Bonk and his mate Hedz are an ordinary caveman and cavewoman struggling with the everyday existence that comes when one's place in the food chain isn't all that clear. If creating fire, dodging volcano eruptions and outrunning saber tooth tigers isn't stressing enough, their daily survival is interrupted when a strange little caveman named Lob arrives in the village. Lob convinces their leader, Chief Wug, that a neighboring tribe is amassing weapons of mass destruction in preparation for an assault on their village. As Lob gains more influence on their chief, the tiny community of troglodytes must form an army and prepare to defend themselves. But when this endeavor raises unexpected social issues such as women's rights, religion and politics, the cavemen realize they might have been better off if they had never come ...
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