Vince Stone
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 254

If you are tired of reading about vampires and wizards, here is the story of a young hero that has REAL power. Power from the most high. Risking death for being a false prophet, a twelve year old Elijah recites a vision to the King of Judah warning him of an invasion like they have never seen. As the nation prepares for war, Elijah is recruited by a Baal busting brotherhood of prophets sworn to battle false gods. The training Elijah receives from this brotherhood will prepare him for his famous battles described in the Old Testament when he is older. Join Elijah as he travels from the small village of Tishbe to the city of Jerusalem to become one of a greatest prophets the world has ever known.Vince Stone, author of Amazon's best selling Embracing Your Inner Mediocrity self help parody, brings his unique sense of humor and story telling to ninth century BC.
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