Deborah Brown
ASIN: B0059AJ8V8
Publisher: Paradise Books, LLC
Pages: 304

Dying in the Middle of Summer is Sweaty Business...                   My first clue that something is rotten in paradise? Not the off-beat people of Tarpon Cove who attend my Aunt Elizabeth's funeral. It's the executor of her estate, a lawyer who's shadier than a Florida Keys mangrove thicket at midnight.The second clue that I've inherited something more than a Key West-style home and a cluster of quaint, seaside rental cottages? The hot, hunky guy I find lounging by the pool--with a bullet in his shoulder. Just the kind of bad boy I shouldn't want.Apparently,Aunt Elizabeth collected more than seashells and sand dollars. Elizabeth's beach-town besties--a sexy P.I., Glock-rocking backup, and The Cottages' motley crew of drunks, ex-cons, and fugitives-- And I'm going to need every one of them, plus a crash course in blackmail, mayhem, and maybe murder, to keep from ...
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