Michael Winston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 310

In this first book of the Jonathan Kinkaid trilogy, our hero finds himself serving as First Lieutenant aboard the American frigate Randolph of 32 guns, blockaded in the port of Philadelphia during the winter of 1776-77. Tasked with orders to undertake “independent action” in the North Atlantic against a mighty British convoy, she manages to elude British warships long enough to transform her crew–from the crusty boatswain’s mate O’Toole to the teenage midshipman Billy Weatherby–into an effective fighting force. The “Lucky Randy” takes a number of important prizes until her luck runs out in a surprise meeting with His Majesty’s Royal Navy frigate Gaspee. After suffering untold horror aboard a rotting prison hulk in New York harbor, out heroes make a bold escape to become involved in the daring Sag Harbor raid and then fight a climactic sea battle against a superior ...
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