Colene Copeland
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 211

Priscilla, an injured runt pig, is taken into the farmhouse and nursed back to health by Papa and Mama. Once recovered, she lives there as a pet, accompanying her human parents on vacation and having all sorts of exciting adventures. That is, until she finally grows too big for the house. Then Priscilla must move to the barn and learn to live with other pigs---and act like one, too. Problem is, Papa and Mama have neglected to tell her that she is a pig! Will she ever learn to fit in with others of her kind?Priscilla’s desire to be accepted and her struggle to gain approval resonate with children and adults alike. Priscilla will pleasantly entertain as she unravels the tender details of her journey. As she does so, be aware that although Priscilla adds color to the telling, the events in this book are true! Priscilla was a real live pig who was raised in the house, housebroken by ...
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