Shana Hammaker
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 39

At seventeen Shana Hammaker was a street kid named Denise.By the time she landed in the gutter, Shana had been abandoned by her parents and subsequently spent the bulk of her teen years bouncing from one foster home or group home to the next. Her life up to that point had been far from satisfactory so Shana was determined to begin her new, untethered life completely fresh: no baggage, no memories, no Shana.So Denise set out to conquer the homeless world. Or at least, to have a good time. The months Denise spent living on the streets of Santa Cruz, California, were wild. She learned how to smoke speed off a light bulb, met a man named Rowdy who claimed to be a 1400-year-old vampire, almost found TV fame on the Jerry Springer Show, fell in love and got pregnant—all in less than a year. Denise was living it up, gutterpunk-style.But Shana hadn’t gone anywhere. She was still there ...
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