John Clark Craig
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Pages: 128

Solar book containing Solar Energy AlgorithmsUpdated for VB-2012Knowing how to calculate the sun's position in the sky with very high accuracy is at the core of just about all solar energy research, and why this programmer wrote this solar book. Whether for site planning, or real time aiming of the most sophisticated concentrating receivers, heliostats, and photovoltaic tracking systems. Sun Position's Visual Basic algorithms meet that core need. About John Clark CraigThe author, John Clark Craig, programmed all the field control and data acquisition for several of the world's largest solar energy projects in the 1980's. Projects included the square-mile two-axis concentrating photovoltaic trackers at Carrissa Plains, California, the large Hesperia, California field of flat two-axis photovoltaic trackers, an enhanced oil recovery project using a field of heliostats and a central thermal ...
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